The topic this year was whether India needs a greater participative and deliberative democracy, and after much participation and deliberation, it can be easily said that the event was an outright success. The moderator was Mr. Gautam Patel, a very well-known advocate who extensively works in the field of environmental and planning law and writes columns in several newspapers of the city. It was due to his expert guidance and witty remarks that the panelists managed to discuss the important nuances of the topic that made the event a huge success.

To make the debate more challenging and interesting, this year we had two teams, each comprising of a lawyer and a current student, battling it out against each other. The speakers for the Proposition were Advocate Mr. Rohaan Cama and Mr. Raunak Kapoor whereas the speakers for the Opposition were Advocate Mr. Vishal Kanade and Ms. Shreya Ramesh.