It is so windy, the fan moves by itself without electricity in the courtroom today
It is so sleepy, my neck falls by itself without sleep deprivation in the courtroom today

It is so plain the arguments feel like a lullaby today
It is so mundane the whisper among oldies seems amusing today

It is so fortunate, I am calm today
It is so unfortunate, that I have no ‘kaam’ today

I saw so many grey hair & bald heads that I feel like a child today
It is so wide of a generation gap that I feel like a mishap today

It takes great efforts to hold paper at such an angle that nobody sees what I am writing today
It is so odd that I have to hide my creativity today

Thank God for college, I don’t come here every day
I shall love to come here tomorrow…. Not today!

Author’s Note: As a third year student of law & an intern I was navigating the distinctive environment of the courtroom. The poem narrates my observations & emotions on a specific day. It’s a testament to the ever-changing nature of court experiences; some days are interesting & alive, while others, like the one portrayed in this poem, which are marked by a more subdued and reflective tone. The piece aims to resonate with my fellow colleagues & batchmates capturing moments an intern encounters while attending the court.

Authored by Gayatri Bhansali.