They laughed while she cried,

They filled her with fear and trauma,

Still, they live with pride.

They had the pleasure of exploiting her,

Yet, they were set free.

Unfortunately, crime won again.


The judiciary was handicapped,

And the disheartened judge spoke,

Of evidence not being enough,

Yet, everyone knew they were beasts.


“With clothes that were provoking,

And intentions impure,

She showed her willingness to our deeds”,

Spoke the heartless animals, indeed.


If only you knew, she was but a child of 3,

Her mother wept and her father raged,

But who could win against the unfair system of the state?

Wasn’t her wounded body and innocent heart,

Evidence enough to prove that they were guilty?


Isn’t this a call for change?

In the judicial system,

In the minds of people?

Or should we just wait for a 100 such cases?

-Vama Shah, V-III