It was just yesterday – a fact I’m not able to believe,

Holding my watch, the prescriptions and myself, I grieve.

The day before yesterday, my play-mate brought some crackers,

Some bombs, some bottle-rockets, some chakras, some sparklers.

And on that late Diwali evening, he began bursting all of them.

The fire flew, the fire flowed, the fire flung earning him fame.

Mesmerised by the fireworks, I begged him to give me one,

To which he callously replied, “To those who can’t light, I give none.”

Shocked at him, I said, “I can too, just give me one and I’ll show you.”

Mockingly he said, “Stay away lest a hurt child will come out of the blue.”

My rising rage, my boiling blood was about to erupt like lava,

Offended, I stomped back home to meet my Papa.

By asking, begging, pleading, urging and protesting,

I compelled him to go with me to the street for shopping.

There, all the pyrotechnics arranged before me left me stunned,

I became happy when Papa bought some, billing to Rupees one thousand.

Next evening, I carried my stuff to where my mates could see me,

I lit the candle and started bursting everything.

All the crackers burst brighter, hotter, smokier – indeed better than I thought,

Seeing the others stunned, I felt I proved myself and rightfully got what I sought.

My bombs were the loudest,

My fountain fireworks reached the highest,

And as I continued to show off, an aura of warm smog engulfed me,

Breathing the smoke was no longer difficult and all became gloomy.

My blood turned blue and I felt I could sleep forever,

Then everything stopped until I woke up to a ceiling fan.

From the left corner of my left eye, I saw a child crying.

From the right corner of my right eye, I saw an old man lying on a bed.

Then somebody shouted, “Doctor, the patient is conscious now… I repeat.”

I realised that I was admitted in a hospital, my greatest dread.

I started feeling the physical pain from injections every minute,

I started feeling the emotions when my family made a visit.

I wish I could travel back using a time-machine,

And tell the obstinate me to have all these injuries foreseen,

Hence, I urge all not to buy fireworks because it’s no fun,

As the medicines beside me, worth Rupees two thousand.


-Varad Dixit, V-I