As Law students, we often find ourselves stuck at a cross-road while making decisions in our attempt to construct a successful career in the legal arena. These problems maybe big and career determining like ‘where should one pursue their Master’s degree from?’ or ‘what is the scope of work in a particular field of law that one is interested in pursuing?’ or these problems maybe small yet significant enough to cause a dilemma like ‘what are the co-curricular activities one can engage in, in order to enhance one’s skills as a law student?’ or ‘whether to choose mooting over interning?’

The questions are numerous, however our means to have them answered are limited. Seldom do we get these answers in our daily college curriculum. Thus, this problem gave rise to the concept of ‘Seeking Counsel’.

‘Seeking Counsel’, a new section of our website, aims to serve as a platform to bridge the gap between our unanswered questions and the solutions to them. It would feature interviews of eminent lawyers in their respective fields who offer their expert advice to all those students who find themselves in a tough spot while making decisions in law school and elaborate on the practical aspects of the legal fraternity.

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