A population of 1.2 billion,

And increasing by the million,

The largest democracy they say,

But can we make it all the way?

The Parliament, the Ministries and the Courts,

The three organs of which our nation boasts.

Is it a matter of pride or shame,

Of being a part of this judicial game?


Justice delayed is justice denied,

And yet, thirty million cases reside,

Pending judgment is not the way,

India has the largest backlog of cases today.

Have more judges and create more courts,

Is theory really more than practical notes?

Ten judges per million is how it stands,

But fifty is what the Commission demands!


The under trials in jails lie in slumber,

Waiting for their undecided number.

For years and years they rot in a cell,

Experiencing the unruly sweltering hell,

Am I guilty or can I walk?

Such are the dilemmas of which they talk.


In law there is no provision,

For a judge of any division,

To have an FIR filed against his name,

And be tried in the bribery game.

But how are the poor expected to know,

The permission the Chief Justice must bestow?


Ignorance is bliss’ is a popular notion,

But in law it creates a commotion,

For whenever a decision per incuriam is made,

The commission of justice is delayed,

Running to and fro they spend their time,

Without receiving a single dime.


The legal system is under the weather,

So it is time that we come together,

To revive our faith in the judiciary,

And rid the masses of their misery.


Rakhee Menon, V-IV