So many wars;
Bloodshed and nuclear bombs.
But these thoughts are the biggest destruction,
Just in the background, behind the curtains.

Stop waiting for physical evidence
Broken hearts and hidden scars are in abundance.
Soulless eyes and depressed smiles,
People busy popping pills and getting high.
Meaningless lives and dreams all slaughtered
Look! Another world war has been set in motion.

A famine of words,
An earthquake of emotions.
Not a war of arms
It’s the terrorist within me.
No end in sight,
No strategies of torture,
A race of insights,
That I must conquer.

So we wander alone, lost.
Waiting for some peace
Against this mental war, with my allies.
Or wait, are they the enemies?

No weapon in sight
Except for this scattered mind.
Just like a hydrogen bomb,
Killing people, but through depression and suicide.

So take cover, for the battle has begun.
But the Generals are sleeping,
Waiting for physical evidence,
Unaware and mistaken.

Why is depression not talked about?
Like a taboo meant to be forgotten.
When will people wake up and realise
That World War III has already begun.

-Pooja Agarwal, V-III